But...Who are you?


My name is Aline Sant'Anna, I'm thirty-one years old, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Passionate about Animation and Christmas Movies, I worked for some time in my area of ​​graduation, but I decided to delve into my childhood passion for animation. I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at UFF and dream of working as Visual development in the Animation industry.

Self-taught artist, my eyes are always observing everything and giving all the wings to my imagination, as illustrator, writer and storyartist. My art has influences from magical realism, I believe in the potential of a good story, for children (especially) and adults. My hands itch to contribute to the magic that the Animation Industry brings to the audience through unforgettable characters and stories. My goal is to achieve smiles, painting everything that is noble, right and pure, whatever is lovely.

Stretching my roots.

Welcome to my world! Pull up a chair and sit down. Oh really. Take off your shoes too. Take your slippers or barefoot yourself, but stay!






Visual Development